An American Twist on a French Classic

ChouxBox is a modern take on a traditional French recipe. We serve unique sandwiches served on our signature light and flaky ChouxBread, along with delectable pastries. Everything is baked in-house In the ChouxBox kitchen.

ChouxBox (pronounced shoo-box) is a modern take on a traditional French recipe. We are the first in New York to be specialized in the choux dough and to transform it into delectable pastries. We serve hotels and cafes in NYC.




Founder Ramez Klaus Seemuth has adored choux since he was a child. Opening ChouxBox has been his longtime dream, and he’s gathered together a passionate culinary team to make the dream a reality.


Chef Damien Herrgott created our full selection of baked goods, revisiting a historic recipe to make our ChouxBread with classic American flavors like Chipotle, Honey Mustard and BBQ, among others. Damien found inspiration in childhood sweets to develop our ChouxClairs and bite size ChouxChoux. In 2012, Damien was named one of the top ten pastry chefs by Dessert Professional and is the owner of Bosie Tea Parlour in NYC.